(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Bad smell
1. malodorousness, malodor, fetor, fetidness, bad smell, funk, fust, smelliness, bad odor, stench, stink, foul odor, effluvium, rankness, goatishness, goatiness, mephitis, miasma, mustiness, rancidness, rancidity, foulness; opprobrium (see disrepute). See uncleanness.
2. (something that smells bad) polecat, skunk, stoat, rotten egg, asafoetida, skunk cabbage, stinkpot, stinker, stink bomb; stinkweed; bad breath, halitosis, body odor, BO; medlar. Slang, fart, burnt cheese.
Verbs — smell bad, reek, stink [in the nostrils], stink like a polecat, smell offensively; putrefy. Informal, smell to high heaven, smell up. Slang, fart, cut one, drop a rose.
Adjectives — malodorous, fetid, olid, smelling, stinking, stinky, smelly, high, bad, foul, strong, offensive, fulsome, noisome, gassy, rank, rancid, graveolent, gamy, corky, tainted, fusty, musty, moldy, stuffy, putrid, suffocating, mephitic, nidorous, putrescent, goaty, goatish. Slang, stanky.
Antonyms, see odor.

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